Hi Friends!

My name is Kayden and it took me two years of dreaming about starting a blog before I finally took the leap. I knew I loved writing, but I couldn’t think of a subject or purpose I could write about without getting burned out. I’m so exited to share that I’ve finally found my purpose!

Blog Purpose

The sole purpose of this blog is to help mom’s feel empowered through their motherhood.

I’m a mom to the spunkiest, easy going little boy and have another one coming so soon! I’ve been a mom for less than two years and have struggled on multiple occations to feel empowered as a mother. Every mom has moments of self doubt and I’ve found so much solice in other people’s sharing those moments.

As mom’s we should be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly becuase that’s reality. We have bad days and we should never feel like we are the only ones. I want to be authentic and share my struggles with you and all the things that have helped me get through them. 


My husband Ben and I got married after dating about four months. Crazy I know! Even crazier, I had just turned 19 when we started dating! Ben is the most fun, supportive, and patient husband ever. Like so so so patient with me. I don’t know how I could survive without him!

Right before our one year anniversary, we had our first baby boy, Easton. From the time I was 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I dreamed about the kind of mom I would be and how many kids I would have. I even got to practice on my four younger siblings which I’m sure they all enjoyed so much! I might have been a little bossy at times…

I love being a mom but I’ve come to realize that the ideal I had as an 8-year-old isn’t really reality. There are parts of motherhood that aren’t really my favorite but I would trade Easton for anything in the world!

Easton was the cutest little baby with a full head of dark from hair from the day he was born. Easton is adventurous and curious. From the time he could walk he would bring us his shoes or cry at the front door to let us know he wanted to play outside. He’s 18 months now and he recently taught himself how to put on his winter boots by himself!

One of my favorite things about Easton is his inability to resist a good beat! He gets pumped when he hears the words “hey google” because he knows a jam is about to come on.